Stephen King: On Teaching

this is an amazing read!!!

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My life as a reader and film goer overlapped significantly with Stephen King’s rise to fame as a horror writer, and then while I was teaching in the summer institute for a regional National Writing Project (Spartanburg Writing Project), we assigned King’s On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft.

I have recently reconnected with King through his Doctor Sleep (see my review) and Mr. Mercedes. But thanks to Jessica Lehy’s How Stephen King Teaches Writing, I have been drawn back into King as not just a writer’s writer, but also a teacher.

As an article at The Guardian suggests, please read the whole interview, but I want here to highlight a few points.

On teaching grammar:

Jessica Lahey: You write that you taught grammar “successfully.” How did you define “success” when you were teaching?

Stephen King: Success is keeping the students’…

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one of the best pieces of writing i have EVER had the pleasure to enjoy….please read it!!!

Star Ten Thousand

I have this sort of love/hate relationship with Fox.

On the one hand, I’ve realized that half of the currently-airing shows I watch (and a number that are no longer airing) are on Fox. Actually, if you just look at the networks, there is a grand total of one show I watch (Body of Proof) which is not on Fox. Fringe, Alcatraz, Touch, Glee, New Girl…all Fox.

On the other hand, Fox is really, really good at killing fantastic TV shows. We all remember the Firefly debacle. I am still prepared to violently murder (Hi, FBI!) whoever cancelled The Chicago Code, which was probably the best TV show I’ve ever seen. I’m even willing to get a little annoyed about Dollhouse, although I still have mixed feelings about that one.

Fox’s latest victim is The Finder. Now, The Finder is not the best thing…

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